The Initial visit usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour and will consist of a thorough history and examination to best determine your condition, any contributing factors. We will review the findings of the exam and discuss the treatment plan options.

Initial Visit





Follow-up visits usually consist of services discussed in your treatment plan. Re-evaluations will also be periodically performed to track patients progress. The cost of each treatment depends on the services provided and will be clearly outlined with you ahead of time. 

* All rates are based on time-of-service discount (not paying through insurance) and are subject to change based on treatment plan. Any changes will be discussed and approved by the patient before any changes are made.

I recognize the importance of treating the entire person, not just their problem. I needed a practice model that allowed me to focus on more than just alleviating symptoms but discovering the root cause of a patient's condition as well as allowing the time I needed to consider a patient's overall wellness.

The biggest advantage to no charging insurances is that it allows to spend more quality one-on-one time with the patient and provide services that would not normally be covered by insurances at a lower rate to my patients. Each treatment session is 30 uninterrupted minutes focusing only on the patient and their condition, allowing for better assessments and more comprehensive treatment which is unique for each person. I am able to deliver more individualized chiropractic treatment, muscle work, and rehab without the distractions of a typical office visit.

Why Dr. Nikki is not on Insurance Panels